Are you tired of being "nickel and dimed" from your transfer agent? Would you like to be able to access reports and your shareholder database twenty-four hours a day, any day of the week at no extra charge? Are you ready for a simple, practical transfer agent experience with a partner you can trust?

It is time to start a prosperous business relationship with an agent who knows your company inside and out and respects your right to reasonable billing.

We are a commercial transfer agency headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada with client issuers listed on Canadian, American and European exchanges. We work closely with Issuers to ensure that all of their needs are met, whether they would like assistance with compliance, filings, registrar services, corporate services, or access to our industry contacts and other services. Our most popular feature, in addition to offering online access to records and filings is our reasonable and highly competitive fee schedule.

We know that we aren't the only commercial transfer agency available, but we are confident that we can offer the best products and services to you at the most reasonable price.

To learn more about our services or to become a client, please Contact Us.


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